About Us

What is Gems of Hope?

Gems of Hope Inc. is a nonprofit organization that offers handmade gifts or tokens mounted on inspirational cards to cancer patients. The patients are invited, along with family and friends, to attend workshops to create these works of art for others.

Our Mission

We are bringing hope to cancer patients and their families. To learn more, watch the Gems of Hope video.

Our Vision

To provide cancer patients and their families support and resources to inspire hope, creating the outlook that hope is always present in a cancer diagnosis.

Our Story

Gems of Hope was inspired by Tory, a 9-year-old living in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. While her mother was in treatment for cancer, Tory wrote daily notes of encouragement, leaving them where her mother would see them. The pair also attended art therapy classes together. Tory’s mother recognized that the love behind the notes and the opportunity to create art, as well as the information she found in her reading, were valuable components in her recovery. She joined two friends also affected by cancer in founding a non-profit organization that would extend these components to others.

Gems of Hope promotes what medical research now supports: developing one’s spirituality can encourage feelings of optimism and hope and, thus, healing. Gems of Hope was founded to share hope with others.


Gems of Hope, Inc. was founded in July of 2005 to share hope with others.