Gems of Hope Announces Muscatine Scholarship Winners

Gems of Hope, a local nonprofit which focuses on bringing hope to cancer patients and their families is pleased to announce the Muscatine recipients of the 2015 “Gifts of Education” scholarships.

The program was supported by the Hope Blooms fundraiser and the good work done by the Hope Blooms Muscatine Committee.  The fundraising efforts provided two $750.00 scholarships to Muscatine High School seniors Jaren Winkey and Maria Haas. The recipients have been personally affected by cancer, meaning the student has been previously diagnosed with cancer or has had an immediate family member who has had cancer (sibling, mother, or father).

Jo Ann Carlson, Muscatine Committee Chair commented, “We were so pleased to bring the daffodils back to our community to brighten the day of cancer patients and others. It was even more meaningful to have the money raised from the sales stay here in Muscatine.”

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