About Hope Blooms

Hope Blooms is an annual fundraiser that not only denotes both a sense of hope and resilience to our community, but directly supports local cancer patients and their families. Looking back to 2008, Gems of Hope was given the opportunity to continue the legacy of the Daffodil Days fundraiser when the American Cancer Society made the decision to no longer host the fundraiser in the Corridor. Gems recognized the importance of the fundraiser in our local community and created Hope Blooms. The framework of the activity remains true to the simplicity of the original concept; spread hope. The fundraiser consists of purchasing daffodil bunches, daffodil arrangements, and potted daffodils as well as an annual mascot. The daffodils are purchased for individual display or as a bouquet of hope which are then delivered to cancer patients undergoing treatment. The annual mascot, a new cuddly stuffed animal each year, is purchased in the same manner, as a keepsake or as a gift for a child fighting cancer.

Why Daffodils?

Daffodils are one of the first flowers of the spring which symbolize rejuvenation, hope and happiness for the future.

Orders can be placed starting January 1, 2024!