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G-Force, it’s what we call the volunteer force behind all the good work of Gems of Hope. Do you want to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients and their families? Every person counts, and at Gems of Hope you can make a difference in the lives of many by providing hope to those dealing with cancer in our community.

At the core of our programs is the “gifts of hope” distribution. Volunteers handcraft cards with inspirational sayings and mount handmade earrings or bookmarks, or a serenity circle or stone to the card.  The gifts are distributed in oncology clinics and hospitals throughout The Corridor.


Gems of Hope volunteers help provide over 750 “gifts of hope” each month to cancer patients in the Corridor!

Volunteering for Gems can help you:

  • Feel good about supporting cancer patients with a message of hope
  • Learn something
  • Help fulfill a civic responsibility
  • Make our community better
  • Connect and network with others in the community
  • Fulfill volunteer hours required for school or other groups
  • Gain professional experience
  • Bring you together with others and give you a sense of belonging
  • Cope with a cancer diagnosis in your family
  • Provide art therapy and a casual and informal support system

In addition to our workshops Gems needs volunteers in the office to help with project and events. Complete your Volunteer Application today!

To learn more about how important volunteers our to our organization, watch this video!

Here is a bit more information about all of our volunteer needs!

Gifts of Hope

Workshop Facilitators: In Person or Virtual

Facilitators are needed to set up kits and greet the public coming for card making, beading, and bookmarks. Facilitators may also be asked to do workshops requested by private groups.

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Experienced jewelry designers are needed to twist/finish earrings made through workshops.

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Attach circles/earrings/ bookmarks to finished cards, then label and heat-seal in plastic sleeves. Can be done in our office or at home after training.

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Medical offices- GOH distributors restock inventory monthly with new Gifts of Hope.

Retail Distribution- Same as above to area businesses carrying Gifts of Hope. Find new outlying boutiques in which to sell the cards.

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Youth Program

What About Us? Coordinator- Circulates news of the program, coordinate with social workers for supplies needed.

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Teen Programs

Cancer Really Sucks– Work with teens in developing activities, help monitor website.

Youth Advisory Board– High school juniours/ seniors from area schools. Focused on developing our youth related programs and events, along with promoting engagement in Gems from the adolescent community through volunteering.

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Pages for Hope libraries– Facilitator needed to assist library chairperson.

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Special Events

Facilitate GOH display tables at special events, health fairs, etc. Responsible for set up/take down/ volunteer coordination.

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Be willing to speak & present GOH to civic organizations or other groups.

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Fund Raising

Participate on a committee for Gems of Hope’s fundraising events.

Golf Benefit– Join the committee that plans event and helps to obtain in-kind donations.

Hope Blooms– Join the committee and help plan aspects of the products and help locate sponsors and volunteers.

Hope Blooms Sales Coordinator– Sell daffodil items to friends and co-workers and encourage them to purchase “Gifts of Hope” bouquets and stuffed animals for those with cancer.

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Grant Writing

Research grant opportunities for programming & materials. Writing grants fro the benefit of Gems of Hope.

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Technology experience preferred for computer programs, website maintenance, & social networking.

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Design brochures, posters, billboards, etc. Look for ways to increase visibility of Gems of Hope in the community.

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Recruit volunteers for GOH by word of mouth or staff a booth at a local volunteer fair.

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Be a part of one of our committees and help GOH continue to meet our mission of bringing hope to cancer patients and their families.

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Volunteer for Gems of Hope today!

We need you… we have tons of volunteer opportunities and we are sure there is one that is the right fit for you. We need:

  • Help at our workshops (check out our event calendar for dates and times).
  • Assistance in our office including packaging, distribution and retail services.
  • Input on special projects, such as grant writing and brochure development and database management.
  • As a sales coordinator for Hope Blooms.
  • To serve on sub-committee for the board of directors.

To get involved in Gems of Hope, contact our office at 319-393-9681 or To read our volunteer handbook, click here. To sign our handbook acknowledgement, download and return this form!

Learn more about how we make our “gifts of hope” by watching these instructional videos on youtube.

Learn more about the workshop schedule on the events calendar located on this web site.


Join the G-Force today!