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G-Force, it’s what we call the volunteer force behind all the good work of Gems of Hope. Do you want to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients and their families? Every person counts, and at Gems of Hope you can make a difference in the lives of many by providing hope to those dealing with cancer in our community.

At the core of our programs is the “gifts of hope” distribution. Volunteers handcraft cards with inspirational sayings and mount handmade earrings or bookmarks, or a serenity circle or stone to the card.  The gifts are distributed in oncology clinics and hospitals throughout The Corridor.


Gems of Hope volunteers help provide over 750 “gifts of hope” each month to cancer patients in the Corridor!

Volunteering for Gems can help you:

  • Feel good about supporting cancer patients with a message of hope
  • Learn something
  • Help fulfill a civic responsibility
  • Make our community better
  • Connect and network with others in the community
  • Fulfill volunteer hours required for school or other groups
  • Gain professional experience
  • Bring you together with others and give you a sense of belonging
  • Cope with a cancer diagnosis in your family
  • Provide art therapy and a casual and informal support system

In addition to our workshops Gems needs volunteers in the office to help with project and events. Complete your Volunteer Application today!

To learn more about how important volunteers our to our organization, watch this video!

Here is a bit more information about all of our volunteer needs!

Gifts of Hope

Creator, “Gifts of Hope”

Brighten the day of a Corridor cancer patient. Handcraft cards with inspirational sayings or make beaded earrings or bookmarks for our “gifts of hope” program. The 2nd  and 3rd Tuesday and 3rd Thursday of the month are set workshop times in Cedar Rapids. The 1st and 4th Thursday of each month are set workshop times for Iowa City.

Commitment:  As often as you like, workshops last 1 hour.

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“Gifts of Hope” Workshop Facilitator

Help guide creators of “gifts of hope” workshop volunteers through the creative and therapeutic process of making cards and gifts for Corridor Cancer Patients. As a facilitator you will be asked to set up workshops, host the event, and help workshop participants with their gift making. Choose to facilitate in your favorite area of beading or card-making!

Commitment:  1 workshop a month (or more if you would like). 3 hours per workshop.

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Gift Finisher

Volunteers who are skilled in jewelry finishing are needed to twist/finish earrings made at workshops. This can be done at home and training can be provided!

Commitment:  Every other month for 4 hours.

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Gift Assembler

Can’t always attend workshops?  Here is a great chance to get in on the gift making by attaching circles/earrings/ bookmarks/stones to finished cards.  Cards are then stickered and sealed for distribution. This can be done in our office or at home after training.

Commitment:  3 hours monthly.

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Deliverer of “Gifts of Hope”

Medical offices – Deliver the “gifts” to the staff at the clinics and hospitals who will then share our gifts with cancer patients. Gems of Hope distributors restock inventory monthly with new “gifts of hope” and drop off Gems of Hope brochures and other items.

Retail Distribution – Same as above to area businesses carrying “gifts of hope”.  Find new outlets that might be interested in supporting the Gems mission by stocking out “gifts of hope”!

Commitment:  3 hours monthly.

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What About Us? Kid’s Camp Counselor

Help market and message this great FREE opportunity for kids ages 5-12 who are dealing with a cancer diagnosis in their family. Circulate news of the program, coordinate with social workers for supplies needed and assist with workshop logistics (3Xs a year.)

Commitment:  24 hours annually.

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Cancer Really Sucks Guru

Work with teens in developing activities, content and updates for the web site and Facebook page!

Commitment:  6 hours monthly.

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GOH YAB! Gems Youth Advisory Board

Work with the Gems Youth Board made up of high school juniors & seniors from area schools. The group’s efforts focus on developing youth related programs and events, along with promoting engagement in Gems within the adolescent community through volunteering.

Commitment:  2 hours monthly.

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Pages for Hope Keeper

Facilitate the Pages for Hope library program and help get cancer related library resources into the hands of area students.  This program serves area schools and all grade levels!

Commitment:  3 hours monthly.

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Hope Peddler

Spread the word about Gems of Hope by serving on the outreach team. This team will speak about Gems of Hope to area businesses, and conduct outreach efforts at various community events like health fairs, farmer’s markets, etc. Responsible for set up/take down and assist with volunteer coordination.

Commitment:  As needed.

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Mission Maker

Help Gems continue to fulfill it’s mission by serving on a committee to raise funds for Gems of Hope. Choose from Hope Blooms (daffodil sales) or the Gems of Hope Golf Classic.

Commitment:  35-45 hours annually.

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Daffodil Diva or Divo

Deliver sunshine and happiness to your co-workers and the community through daffodil sales.  Be the primary point of contact for Hope Blooms (Gems’ annual fund-raiser) efforts in your organization/or the community. The good work you do will help to support Gems of Hope’s many program and events, as well as deliver bouquets and gifts to Corridor cancer patients.

Commitment:  10 hours in January-March.

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Grant Finder and Seeker

Connect Gems to grant opportunities for programming & materials.  Author grants on behalf of Gems of Hope and help expand  the Gems mission through funding opportunities.

Commitment:  As needed.

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Technical Tweaker

Make sure Gems technology infrastructure helps Gems meet it’s mission efficiently and effectively. Work on computer upgrades, equipment & website maintenance, and other technical needs for Gems.

Commitment:  As needed.

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Story Teller

Help us tell the Gems story though the design of brochures, posters, billboards, social media channels, etc.   Spread the word through authentic and genuine storytelling that is relevant, timely and meaningful.

Commitment:  As needed.

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G-Force Builder

Ensure the sustainability of Gems of Hope by recruiting volunteers for the many great programs and events we offer.

Commitment:  As needed.

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Legacy Leaver

Be a part of the Gems of Hope board, or a committee, and help Gems of Hope continue to meet our mission of bringing hope to cancer patients and their families.

Commitment:  As needed.

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Volunteer for Gems of Hope today!

We need you… we have tons of volunteer opportunities and we are sure there is one that is the right fit for you. We need:

  • Help at our workshops (check out our event calendar for dates and times).
  • Assistance in our office including packaging, distribution and retail services.
  • Input on special projects, such as grant writing and brochure development and database management.
  • As a sales coordinator for Hope Blooms.
  • To serve on sub-committee for the board of directors.

To get involved in Gems of Hope, contact our office at 319-393-9681 or To read our volunteer handbook, click here. To sign our handbook acknowledgement, download and return this form!

Learn more about how we make our “gifts of hope” by watching these instructional videos on youtube.

Learn more about the workshop schedule on the events calendar located on this web site.


Join the G-Force today!