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img_0971Join us for our workshops where you will lend a hand to craft our gifts of hope that are given to cancer patients and their families in corridor hospitals and oncology clinics.

Gifts include earrings, bookmarks, and believe, faith, courage and hope serenity circles all accompanied with a handmade card that includes an inspirational saying.

Our workshops are designed such that anyone who cares about our cause can participate. Skilled facilitators will guide you though the process and provide any needed creative input. Over 375 gifts are given each month and that number is growing as we connect with new distribution sites. Get involved today by participating in our beading, card making, or combination beading and card making workshops. These workshops not only produce a meaningful outcome but they are fun and a little social too!

Thanks for your interest in Gems of Hope.

  • To book a custom presentation/workshop (within a reasonable distance the Gems of Hope offices), we suggest that you have at least 8 as a minimum number of participants. Our workshops are best suited for adults.
  • If you are looking for an activity to accommodate kids or teens please contact our office by email at about checking out an activity kit.

Interested in a custom workshop for your business or civic group?

Contact Gems of Hope at, 319-393-9681 or download the workshop request form now!

You can also submit your request online by using the form below.

Workshop Request Details

  • Is this your first Gems of Hope Custom Workshop?
  • We rely on volunteers to staff our workshops. Please allow plenty of advanced notice for requests. Also, please allow us time to process your request. You will receive a confirmation of the event specifics. Please don't consider your event confirmed until you hear back from us with confirmation details.