Our youth advisory board is comprised of high school students from area schools.

Their focus is developing our youth related programs and events, along with cultivating a higher level of engagement in Gems from the adolescence community through volunteering. The YAB group assists with our Cancer Really Sucks web site and forum.

In 2014 the YAB started a sand volleyball tournament for Gems which helped to fund scholarships for graduating seniors who have been personally affected by their own cancer diagnosis or that of an immediate family member.

Want to join YAB?

Fill out the online application or download the application and send it back to us!  We are looking forward to hearing from you!  

YAB Advisors

Kathie Cink
Kelly Collins
Carol Lagneaux
Kris Sargent

Upcoming YAB Events:

YAB will kickoff in October.  Fill out your application today and help us make a difference for those with, or impacted by cancer.